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Extreme Protocol Solutions provides non-intrusive, On-Site Data Erasure Services using our custom designed Portable  / Ultra Portable Erasure Appliances and Enterprise Data Erasure Software for complete destruction of data from loose hard drives, laptops, desktops, servers, storage arrays or entire storage frames. This protects your industry reputation, maintains consumer confidence and of course protects your bottom line by preventing the confidential information from falling into the wrong hands.


An Enterprise Storage Expert (ESE) will come on-site or login to our equipment remotely, provide the desired level of erasure service and produce a secure Certificate of Erasure listing all serial numbers erased, the erasure method and a pass/fail as well as any other customer required data to let you know whether the drives were erased and verified to state, local government and industry regulatory compliance requirements.


In addition to the Certificate of Erasure, our ESE's can also provide (upon request) raw data in XLS, XML or CSV format for use in your data base. This extra step can help you integrate the erasure data into your asset database, aid in your preparation for a security audit and shows proof of erasure.




Frame Erasure for decommission, repurpose, or lease return

One Time Erasure of a large quantity of loose hard drives.

One Time Erasure of a large quantity of Laptops, PCs or Servers.



Ongoing erasure of failed (RMA) drives in a large data center

on a biweekly, monthly or quarterly schedule.

Ongoing erasure of decommissioned PCs, Laptops or Servers

on a monthly or quarterly schedule.

Contact Sales via email, call us at (508) 278-3600 ext 1 to speak with an erasure specialist or use our Service Request Form to receive a quote.

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